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Best Leggings For Women 2017

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We absolutely love love LOVE comfortable clothing. What are so comfortable, fun and much more affordable than other pants? I think you already know the answer by reading the title.

To be honest if we could, we would wear leggings or yoga pants 24/7 (or maybe you could, we just don’t know how suitable that would be at work)!

Anyway, so you need help finding the most comfortable leggings? Don’t we all! Luckily we have listed the most popular ones togheter with a review, right here!

Best Leggings For Women 2017

So, we have made an easy to follow list that contains amazing leggings, to make things easier for you. However further down you will find a brief review about every pair and their features to help you choose the right ones and what you are about to buy.

Enough with the talk, let’s have a look at the list of leggings reviews for 2017.

Hey let’s face it.

Fashion is just as important as function nowadays. If you look good, you feel good! When looking for great leggings you don’t want it to get distorted when worn or washed. So quality is key here, in both fabric and print. It’s important that the clothing material is soft and comfortable, but also thick enough not to see thru!

We are talking about some weight to the material, no too thin or flimsy, and not the bulky or heavy either.
Let’s get to it!

Womens printed leggings

VIV Collection (Best Leggings By Reviews)


VIV Collections offers some amazing pattern on their products, and is actually, cheaper compared to other brands in the same quality range! The stitching is great and the patterns are bright and clear. Works perfect under a dress or tunic, as the wonderful designs really can complete a look.

The material is buttery soft and they fit well with a good form.  A big plus for the wide range of beautiful patterns they have in their collection!

The brand Viv is one of the best selling right now and really is a go-to brand for many when it comes to leggings. It’s important to notice that they offer only two sizes, one for XS – L and one for plus size, which is L – XXL.  However when they say one size fits all, they really mean it. It’s worth mentioning that some customers report that they run somewhat small. But leggings per se are really thankful for this as it’s a stretchable clothing and the fabric is meant to stretch to your fit. Other than that they are not tight to the fit as one might expect, just make sure to choose the right size (you have 50% chance of doing so).

flowery leggings

Flowery Leggings & Navajo Print


You will definitely not be disappointed in these comfortable leggings with high waist. It’s the same fabric as the ones above. This printed gorgeousness is comfy and soft to the touch. The color of the prints is very vibrant and they offer over 30 different designs to choose from, yes 30! This is definitely one of the cheaper in this list, but with great customers reviews it holds up to the bigger brands.

That’s a great reason to order several pairs at once and as a bonus have some variation to choose from. These smooth and soft stockings are a prime example of study and light combined with a good price. The seams are usually sewn well which is common for the brand Viv, and the waist band is shorter. Than for example a pair of Yoga Pants that have a higher waist band. With a shorter one you can hide it and it will be more for outfits than an exercise clothing. Note: this pair is not a plus size.

Camo Leggings for Women

Camo Leggings


This amazing camo patterned leggings will not let you down. Camouflage patterns are extremely popular right now (as on almost everything in the fashion genre).

This pair is aesthetically pleasing with its complete stylish sleek look with green colors along the legs; it might very well be straight out of a fashion runway. The clothing is light weighted, firm and flexible.

With its medium thin and weightlessness material it will be perfect for warm days in the spring and summer, yet feel good in the fall. However they will not keep you warm, as you might already expected. This pair is also one size fits all and will hold up for heavy use. Quick review: very comfortable and fashionable. You will be an eye-catcher with a casual-cool look! Totally worth checking out.


Swankness Premium Quality Ultra Soft


When looks are just as important as comfort, the brand Swankness got your back. This pair does an amazing job at balancing breathability, comfort and quality. As this is definitely one of the cheaper in this list, that’s some great features to achieve. Lots of colors in their broad collection of patterns to choose from. With great customers reviews it holds up to the bigger brands. However we can’t help to be amazed by the designs, which are as important when it comes to printed tights, of course!

This pair has a high waist model that creates support and comfort while you wear them. Their collection mainly includes patterns with vibrant colors and beautiful tribal prints. The fit is tapered to reach between ankle and calf, with a stretch that move with you. Choose between the sizes small, medium or plus size. At this price point, this pair is a steal and could be one of the top tights on the market.

Sejora Fashion Patterned

Patterned Leggings Sejora Fashion


The brand Sejora offer some clothing that is fashionable and eye-catching for a good price. They are specially designed to be super comfy, ultra breathable and soft against your skin. Overall these are a great deal with multiply designs to choose from. If you normally stick to one colored outfits these can really convert you to printed ones! They add a little flair to your fashion for sure with a more minimal and clean design, the possibilities to construct your outfit with these are unlimited.

They are cheaper than many other premium products but with an equivalent quality, still soft to the touch and comfortable to wear in your everyday life. If you normally wear solid colored stockings, this could be your first step towards patterned ones. This pair is also breathable which will be a grateful feature during the hot summer months. They are not see-through at all and are another high waist model. With that said, this pair looks amazing on with a comfortable fit, you will love the proper amount of support and coverage it deliverers!

gym leggings

Vesi Star Flexible (Perfect As Gym Leggings)


These yoga pants have more of a sporty look, perfect for exercising at the gym, running or obviously yoga. Vesi Star offers this amazing fade pattern with several other colors to choose from. The fit on these are absolutely perfect with a high waist and the fabric is a little thicker than some of the others in this list. Which make them extra soft of course! Here we have gone up slightly in price, but with high quality fabric and fit you won’t get disappointed.

Vesi Star is known for theirs good customer service, if you have any problems with their products you will most likely be taken care of in great service. The fit compress with a nice stretch in all of the right places. They offer unlike many other, individual sizes and not one fits for all. The sizes range from extra-small all the way up to extra-large, they also offer plus size products. Some customers report the sizing is somewhat small, but that usually wont be no problem when it comes to clothing that stretch.


X80 Neon Splatter Tights


Do you miss the 80’s and their colorful splatter designs? When these will be the perfect choice for you! X80 Neon Splash will definitely get you noticed as you pass by in its colorful design. Works perfect for a themed party or just adding some color to your everyday life. Leg warmers would really complete the look with these. Just be creative! To make it short; beautiful multi colored leggings yet very clean to the look.

This pair runs true to size and fits very well; they are smooth and comfortable as a pair should be. These are cute and fun tights that really feel a little like spandex fabric, but with a cotton mix. So they not really absorb moisture very well, therefore it’s not recommended for exercise or training clothing. Running might work when it’s not too warm conditions, as they will stay sweaty well after the workout is done. Recommend using for dressing up your outfit and parties, you will definitely get compliments on these!


Nike Power Epic Lux


Nike Power fabric offers excellent compression and support for your active life. The material is the perfect thickness with “mesh panels”, which enables breath-ability and airflow, just wow! This is some serious innovation for the comfy live style lovers. However it comes with a little higher price. Nike is more expensive than the others, but if you really are looking for one of the finest you can find. Nike knows what’s up! Anyway the print is beautiful and in high quality. This pair has a nice high wasted model, and a high waistband to top it off!

These pair fit great! Not too tight or loose, fits as expected in other words. Nothing else would be expected from Nike. However this particular model has a skinny fit through hip, thigh and fits perfectly with skinny legs. The design is really unique with its swirls of colors splashes. If one doesn’t like it in black they also offer it in, what they call it, the color “obsidian”. This is a beautiful blue color, worth having a look at.

Printed Yoga Pants

90 Degree Printed Yoga Pants


90 Degree is a high quality brand that holds up after heavy wear. Designed for an active life style, the fabric is extra soft as it has some thickness to it. Their products have some clean and creative patterns which works perfect with a nice pair of shoes or sneakers. A nice extra bonus with these is a hidden waistband pocket; perfect for stashing hair ties, clips, keys, cash etc. Totally underrated feature if you ask us!

These yoga pants have great stretch, you flexibility will not be restricted in those at all. Fit is just as suggested and are very comfortable to wear. Worth mentioning for high intensity workouts as in jump squats etc. You will probably spend your time adjusting them as they are meant as comfy yoga pants. However they are perfect for Pilates, yoga, walking or even running!


Leopard Print Leggings


This pair from the brand Leggings Depot with a leopard print are super comfy and buttery soft to the touch. They also offer some amazing variation in their collection which is worth checking out! A fun fact with this brand is that their products is not as thick in the fabric, so it’s a very pleasant feeling to have on hot summer days. However they are not see-thru at all, only at extreme stretch.

To sum it up; the fit, the price and the adorable patterns makes this a solid buy!

Leopard print leggings are a fun and cute addition to your style. The unique randomly scattered print across the fabric will instantly take your outfit to the next level, and it looks good with almost everything. You will be pleasantly surprised by this pair as they are super soft and lightweight.  Fashion and function do coexist in these with a very reasonable price!

Flower print leggings

Flower Print Leggings


These leggings have some of the nicest flower prints out there. You should definitely check out their prints if that’s what you’re after! As most of the products in this list, they as well offer a wide variety of prints. This pair is soft and stretchy with beautiful clear colors.

They have a little smaller size which make them stretch perfectly but doesn’t feel tight on your legs. Other than that, another high waist model on the list.

Flower print leggings is perfect for the spring or summer, it works amazing with a cute top. The brand who manufacture these are called Depot and they offer a nice variety of patterns to choose from. The only offer one size fits all, which is quite common with this type of clothing. Still it’s worth noticing before buying and consider if you had good experience with that before. However with the price of these, there isn’t much to complain on.  The fabric is buttery soft to the touch and quite comfortable!


Compressionz Patterned Workout Leggings


Say good bye to boring patterns. Compressionz have some serious impressive clean designs; why not go with a blue leopard print for example? You really have to check out their creative clothing.

The material is soft and comfortable; the colors in the prints are very vibrant and clear.

They are not seeing-true what so ever, as the fabric is medium thick. This pair is often compared to similar products in a much higher price range. A nice little bonus detail with this pair is a zipper pocket in the back. Perfect for storing your most essential and important things while taking a run or walk. The zipper will prevent things for escaping during high intense movements. The fabric is quite tight but still stretchy, the will definitely hold everything together well. Comes with a high waistband that can be folded if one prefer. Overall, great quality with plain or even matte colors which is not shiny at all.


Champion Women’s Absolute Workout


This light-weighted Capri legging are quite amazing to wear, as they are crop pants it’s perfect for working out at the gym or for running. Especially under warm summer months as they will cool you down more than regular pants. They will cover a little below your knee which is the ideal length for this type of model. This pair is made of great durable fabric that will fit well and keep you dry, with surprisingly a very reasonable price – and that we love!

Champion have around eight patterns to choose from, so make sure to check them all out. The sizing’s comes with x-small all the way up to x-large, so there are plenty of sizes to choose from. Champion have really went the extra mile while developing these; power flex is the new apparel that offers a close to body fit. The stretchable fabric will move with your full range of motion. These one works for almost everything, even highly intense workouts. With their moisture technology that wicks moisture away from your skin you can feel comfortable even after your exercise activity. Comes with a high waistband as well and the sizing is true to fit, base your decision on what size your regularly buy. Anyway an amazing pair that will last you long for a very good price!

Didn’t find what you’re looking for?


Leggings – Buyer’s Guide

Before buying or considering a new pair of leggings, you must have a good understanding with its functioning areas, sizing and quality. These three will most likely be different with each brand. It’s can be quite hard to find good clothing that will match all these when you are looking for the perfect ones. Especially if you considering a low price as well, leggings often can go up quite a bit in price without any particular reason except brand recognition. You see, the clothing item itself must not be that expensive to manufacture, actually it’s not very uncommon these products are imported. However between quality and function, there could be tons of variables that are important to you. As we’re looking at printed leggings, design and print is of course an important aspect as we choose our products.

Leggings can be mixed together with the other garment, tights. As they both are close-fitting clothing. But it’s not exactly the same thing as tights often are much thinner in the fabric and do not absorb moisture. Leggings really made its break thru during the 70’s and 80’s, and nowadays they are well established into the fitness, fashion and street wear genres. In recent years have Capri-length leggings being worn more frequently. This trend with tight and stretchy pants can alternately come from the era of skinny jeans which was and are quite popular, however leggings made a comeback into the high fashion and it looks like it’s here to stay for a while. With the introduction of womens top rated leggings the possibilities opened up for a totally new audience, where fashionable clothing is in focus. For example Camo leggings or vibrant colored prints where nowhere to seen just a couple of years ago.

How to wash and dry your leggings

It’s important to maintain the quality of the clothing, so it was last a long time. To make sure you’re taking the best care of your newly acquired leggings we made this little guide on what to do and don’t! For those who didn’t know, this may be a rather inexpensive clothing item, but we ensure you that you will save money in the long run by taking good care of them. Especially if you want to maintain the stretch in the fabric. Which is kind of the point of leggings in the first place! Of course, rule number one. Always check the label inside your clothing before going any further. Read the instructions and follow them. However often it will not tell you about how to wash and dry it.

When washing you really want to minimize the destruction of the stretching. We will go more into details on this later, but as a rule of thumb never use hot water, instead use warm or cold water. No worries they will get clean this way too, and too hot water can make your colorful prints washed out. Also, preferably put your clothing in a mesh bag like regularly do with lingerie. This will avoid it to getting tossed around and tangled into other clothes in the washing machine, which otherwise can have a negative effects on the stretching of the fabric.

Without knowing what the specific brand of yours is saying, leggings often have a specific material that will keep you dry (it’s a good thing by the way). This can result in the fabric getting quite damp after being wet. Like in the washing machine for example. So it’s really important you really dry you leggings after washing, before you put them into your closet. Actually leggings generally dry much slower than regular clothing, like t-shirts or sweaters. Recommended is to hang up your clothing to dry and let the air do the job. They will last much longer this way.

In other words avoid dryers as much as you can. Always let them air-dry instead; it can be okay to use the dryer occasionally. But it may mess up the fitting of the product and sometimes distort the print on the cloth. Also the high heat can damage the stitching of the leggings and eventually rip or tear holes in the clothing. Hang-dry for best results, in the sun works amazing! Why is it so important to think about this? Yes, because leggings is usually manufactured with 90% nylon which is often not so good with high heat.

Things you should look for in leggings

Last but not least, you are looking after full comfort when you fit leggings. This can often be achieved by knowing your size. Check your size of other bottom pieces of yours and convert to other measurements if needed. This will make shopping online so much easier! If you keep these tips in mind you are likely to find great products that won’t let you down.

Considering how the market of leggings have evolved during the last past years, it’s getting pretty saturated to say at least. This clothing item was generally worn during exercise, like running or walking. But have evolved into a fashion and style piece, with the introduction of graphics and patterns we can clearly see that the purpose of the clothing is now also visually. It has become a part of our daily wear, just like jeans for example. While this genre of clothing is growing day by day. You will soon notice finding perfect and high quality pants will be a relatively hard task to do. That’s why we made this list of high quality products! Do keep in mind that quality often follows your budget, but it’s not always the case. So always check out reviews before buying this amazing invention. So these where our top picks then it comes to the best leggings for women!

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